Leather Care

English Bridle is a traditional style of vegetable-tanned leather with a variety of uses from classic equestrian tack to luxury leather goods. It has a flawless, even surface that is flexible and smooth to the touch. Yet, it is strong, durable, and weather resistant. If well cared for, English Bridle leather is made to last decades and grows more beautiful with age. 

To maintain our leather goods, we suggest conditioning them twice a year or if they become stained. We recommend using Skidmore’s Leather Cream made with beeswax and high-quality oils – to clean, condition and protect your leather all in one step. It gives a soft, supple finish with a slight waterproofing effect. Does not contain silicones, animal fats or artificial ingredients. May slightly darken light-colored leather. Cannot be used on Suede or Roughout leathers.

Care Instructions: Before you start, please test Skidmore’s Leather Cream on a small, inconspicuous area of your leather to gauge results. Evenly apply a light coat of leather cream for best results. If you would like to apply a second coat, please wait at least 48 hours between applications and repeat the steps below:

Steps: If needed, use a slightly damp, soft/smooth cotton cloth to clean any dirt off your leather. Allow it to air dry. Next use a dry, soft/smooth cotton cloth to apply a light coat of leather cream in small circular motions to your leather. Be sure to remove any excess cream from the cloth before placing it on your leather. When finished, immediately remove any excess cream from your item. Allow it to air dry. Wait an hour or two, then buff your leather with another dry, soft/smooth cotton cloth to polish.